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This is a list of my opinion pieces published in a range of different media outlets.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews appropriating the term 'Nazi' for scoring political points is an immature own goal
Sky News Australia

Living Together
IPA Review

Albanese must use Xi meeting to return us to the Howard-Abbott golden age of Australia-China relations
Sky News Australia

Repatriating wives of ISIS fighters who wished death to Australia can never be in the public interest
Sky News Australia

Wong, not Morrison, to blame for 'diplomatic insensitivity' over Jerusalem
Sky News Australia

How Iran got to where it has ended up today
Sky News Australia

Queen's funeral a moment to mark, not mourn, the glory of our monarchy
Sky News Australia

AFLW disrespects a towering female role model
The Spectator Australia

September 11 remembered two decades on
Sky News Australia

Mikhail Gorbachev was a socialist through and through - not the heroic pro-capitalist he's being painted out to be
Sky News Australia

Nothing Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has done falls remotely in the Boris Johnson category as party saga continues
Sky News Australia

Blind Western aggression against Chinese and Russian authoritarianism won't win the clash of civilisations
Sky News Australia

Dear Lidia Thorpe, the Queen is no 'coloniser' - she dissolved her empire's overseas outposts like noother world leader
Sky News Australia

When big parties look the same, voters turn elsewhere
The Australian

'Half-baked' climate policies hurt Liberals in WA
WA Today

There's Room for Debate
IPA Review

Everything we say, do and write now seems racist
The Daily Telegraph

You're wrong Premier Dan Andrews, young Aussies still dream of owning homes
The Epoch Times

Celebrating the Secret Ballot 166 years on
The Spectator Australia

115 years of the Bondi Surf Bathers' Life Saving Club
The Spectator Australia

The Jewel In The Crown
Essays for Australia Volume 1 2021

Because History Matters
IPA Review

Australia's national identity deserves to be preserved
The Spectator Australia

In the Same Boat
IPA Review


I am a Western Australian columnist and writer. My work covers a range of social and political issues.

My educational background is in history, politics, international relations, philosophy and information systems.

My PhD thesis was on language and nationalism.

I enjoy cricket, music, cooking, film, television and travelling.

I have an insatiable thirst for learning about the world.

I am interested in understanding people, seeing the world through their eyes, appreciating different languages, belief systems and cultures, learning the way people view the past and interpret present realities.

I am fascinated by reason, science, computers and digital technology.

My professional background started out in information systems and technology. Later I worked as a political adviser.

I worked as a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. My role involved research and writing about the Australian way of life.

I am a Political Commentator and Contributor for Sky News Australia.

I also serve as Chairman of the WA Liberal Party’s Policy Committee.

My role involves policy formulation and advice, liaison with State and Federal Parliamentarians, editing the policy journal The Contributor and moderating policy debates, panel discussions and round tables.

The views expressed on this website and in my published articles are my own.